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Castelfranco Veneto

Castelfranco Veneto, in the province of Treviso, is a village guarded in ancient walls where you can breathe a past rich in history. It is the birthplace of the famous painter Giorgione. The centre of Castelfranco Veneto is a 3 minute drive and a 10 minute walk from Castelfranco Veneto station.

The first thing you can visit is Piazza Giorgione which in the Middle Ages was a place of trade and commerce, but even today there are merchants with their stalls that flow every Tuesday and Friday.

After admiring Piazza Giorgione you can go to the Cathedral of Castelfranco (Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta and San Liberale), dedicated to the patron saint San Liberale, it is the most important parish church in the Venetian city. Inside there is Pala di Giorgione, it is a painting on wood on the occasion of the death of his son Matteo where he is depicted in armor on the tombstone. The painting depicts the Madonna enthroned with the Child, San Francis and San Nicasio.

Leaving the church on the right is Giorgione’s House, which houses a museum dedicated to the artist. Here there are precious objects and architectural reconstructions that lead the visitor to discover the house that hosted Giorgione.


Ponte Nelle Alpi


Ponte nelle Alpi is a small town, where between mountains and rivers there are villages, landscapes and architecture full of history, vitality and cultural richness. The centre of Ponte nelle Alpi is a 15 minute drive from Belluno station.

Starting from the center of Ponte nelle Alpi you can visit the Bortoluzzi Castle, where the charm of yesteryear and style blend with the comforts of modern life, while the beautiful landscapes and the harmony of nature convey serenity and well-being.

After relaxing in the park of the Bortoluzzi Castle, you can admire the Villa Miari Fulcis. In the villa you can see the splendid frescoes, the decorations of which the coat of arms engraved in the stairs of the Miari family, and the splendid garden. Today the Villa is the scene of numerous events, locations for events such as weddings, business meetings, photo shoots, exhibitions and art exhibitions.

Among the places to visit there are also the Cornolade Waterfalls, a corner unknown to tourism but worth seeing. They are hidden in the woods of Belluno, an enchanted place where you can see two waterfalls about 30 meters high that end in deep emerald natural pools.


Montebelluna is a lowland town, of ancient origins, in addition to traditional agricultural activities, it has combined industrial ones. The area is poor in waterways but full of beautiful places to visit. The centre of Montebelluna is a 4 minute drive and a 12 minute walk from Montebelluna station and a 30 minute drive from Treviso airport.

The first place to visit is the Osteria Senz’Oste in Valdobbiadene. Among the Prosecco vineyards, there is this tavern where the innkeeper only supplies the pantry, then leaves, you can eat and drink freely and then you leave an offer and make the receipt yourself. The door is always open and the pantry is overflowing with local delicacies including cold cuts, wines, bread, cheese, orange soda for children and sweets. To get to the Osteria senz’Oste there are no signs, the road runs through the vineyards and a succession of enchanting hills, at a certain point a sign appears “where is the innkeeper?” it means that we have arrived.

Then we move to the Veneto Great War Memorial, it is a multimedia space dedicated to the conflicts and events that marked the twentieth century, it represents to all intents and purposes an opportunity to think about the contemporaneity of a war that has profoundly affected the history and lives of millions of people.

Finally, there is the Museum of Boots and Sports Footwear that tells the story from 1800 to the present day of the Sportsystem, one of the oldest industrial districts in the Veneto region. Its task is to preserve and enhance the historical memory and heritage of the brands belonging to the Sportsystem.



Spresiano is located in the center of the Treviso plain where there is woodworking and textile and mechanical industries. The centre of Spresiano is a 2-minute drive and a 10-minute walk from Spresiano station.

The first place to go is Treviso, the land of art, history, beauty and also a city loved by poets including Dante. Treviso is a city to visit in every season, discover original views, breathe in the quiet city life. The heart of the city and meeting place for the people of Treviso is Piazza dei Signori with its Palazzo dei Trecento and the elegant Loggia Dei Cavalieri.

For a bit of relaxation, you can take a leisurely tour of Lake Le Bandie between tree-lined avenues and walks along the shore. There is no lack of nature, much less peace, the route is suitable for everyone, for prams, bicycles and even for your four-legged friends.

After relaxing, there is the Military Ossuary of Montello to go and see, it is one of the main ossuaries that collect the remains of the Italian fallen during the First World War, with its gigantic tower stretching out towards the sky dominates the entire northeastern side of Montello. Inside lie the remains of soldiers from the 120 war cemeteries scattered along the Piave river.

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