Discover the wide range of M-RENT services for your rental needs

La vasta gamma di servizi M-RENT per il tuo noleggio auto a breve e lungo termine

Protect your rental

Gli imprevisti, si sa, sono sempre dietro l'angolo e talvolta un danno alla carrozzeria, un parabrezza scheggiato o una gomma forata rischiano di rovinare l'intero viaggio. Meglio non farsi trovare impreparati! A tutti i nostri clienti che hanno prenotato un veicolo, siamo in grado di offrire delle coperture opzionali per la riduzione/eliminazione delle penalità danno e furto.

Choose from our Protection Packages the one that best suits your travel needs and reduce your financial liability:
  • Standard Package already included in your rental, it limits liability for damages, theft (or attempted theft), and fire;
  • Easy Package reduces your liability for car body damage and theft by 50%, and also lowers the security deposit by 50%;
  • Standard Package already included in your rental, it limits liability for damages, theft (or attempted theft), and fire;
  • Privilege Package zeroes your liability for damages, theft (or attempted theft), and fire, includes personal accident insurance for the driver and passengers, glass and tire coverage, includes roadside assistance, and lowers your security deposit to €250.
If you include the Privilege package in your rental, you can rent without a credit card!!!
Extra dedicati al noleggio di auto e furgoni

Extras for your trips with friends

For those dreaming of a road trip with friends and family, discover our extras dedicated to car and van rentals: everything is shared during a trip, including driving!
Add one or more additional drivers to your rental, so you can take turns driving and enjoy the scenery too! 
Catene da neve incluse nel tuo noleggio

Our vehicles can reach anywhere.
Even on the snow.

Ski trip or a snow-filled weekend? We have thought about that too: include snow chains in your rental, and nothing can stop you.
In addition to chains, remember that our fleet includes vehicles suitable for the winter season.
Opzione Young Driver

Who said you’re too young to rent a car?

If you are under 25 and don’t want to miss the joy of driving, choose the Young Driver option and set off on great adventures.
Viaggia in totale sicurezza aggiungendo il seggiolino per bambini

Travel in total safety by adding a child seat.

A Front-Row Seat for Him Too
To ensure the safety of the children, M-RENT offers a wide range of child seats for all ages. Book and add a child seat to your rental.

The Web check-in service is free

A convenient option that allows you to save time at the desk.
By filling out the online form, you can halve the waiting time at the desk and pick up the car in less than 10 minutes.

Complete your check-in and save time during pickup
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